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After failing to waive student loans, US State Govt to now help students to Flee Country

This waiver will be irrespective of whether you qualify for the seven hundred and fifty-nine other waiver requirements or not

Revealed: Best solution to Mosquito bites is selecting the right Girlfriend

View this extremely useful (yet hilarious) slideshow to know how your choice of partner can directly affect your chances of being bitten by those little blood-sucking insects

Man finally gives in to ransom demand of social network so that he can ‘view list of people who have checked out his profile’

The business social network repeatedly kept emailing him about list of 36 people who had viewed his profile, which he could only see if he upgraded to their ‘premium’ service

Major turning point in Meghan Markle family relations came on realizing Royal Dynasty is Dynastic rather than Meritocratic

Given the lack of a better topic which will also be read by the masses, the Bonnet Bots decided to re-visit a topic long assumed dry for any more extractable juice

Millenial surprised to find Iron Man with advanced clothes iron that is ‘truly wireless’

Young tech-savvy tourist flummoxed that device can run for so long without even having a Lithium-ion battery

Missionary speaks to uncontacted tribe in forest; causes them to lose ‘uncontacted’ status

UNESCO forced to delete its favorite tribe from the exotic list of peoples who are still not in touch with the rest of the human race

Opportunism: Bankrupt ex-Billionaire quickly divorces wife before bouncing back to riches

Apparel Tycoon becomes first giant retailer to actually ‘benefit’ from injection of Private Equity

Report: 38% of people who use Google for medical diagnosis also see a real doctor for ‘second opinion’

Those who want a human doctor, want to play safe because of a peculiar reason…

Middle-class neighborhood divided over whether Betty Crocker’s cakes qualify as ‘homemade’

Dissidents of ready-mix cake ask if they can boast of home-made furniture as well, courtesy Ikea

Suicide notes now compulsory for all suicides from next month

Move to end confusion of whether to allot case to homicide department or self-service department of police in Grenovia, Europe