About Bonnet Bots

This page is about the cartoon characters. For the corporate 'About Us' page, see here.


The Bonnet Bots are AI-based robots confused by the crazy world of humans. They were built as an experiment in Artificial Intelligence. But their interactions with humans ended up giving insights into humans themselves.


The yellow-colored bot is a bit more mature than the blue bot, and maybe a bit more intelligent (but that hasn’t yet been proven). He often outsmarts those he speaks to, sometimes even making a fool out of them, without them even realizing it. His curiosity helps him spice up the latest trendy news for the Bonnet Bots website!


He is quite intelligent because of machine learning but sometimes goes overboard with his ‘conclusions’. He is cute, intelligent, but a bit too straight-forward. Anyone can generally convince him to their point of view with simple arguments. Hence, he can catch the flow of current events of national and international importance quite faster than the Yellow Bot.


The Bonnet Bots were created by Chip, an automobile engineer from India.
After a short stint in the auto industry, Chip got interested in Electronics and Artificial Intelligence. He used his own garage to build the Bonnet Bots, using some parts from his auto garage and some new ones. He almost entirely dismantled his new sportscar to get some shiny new parts for his bots. And his dream robots were born…


Chip believes that robots need to have continuous exposure to humans in order to have their AI algorithms tuned to perfection. For this, he makes them observe everything in the human world as much as possible. Whenever any new event happens, he puts them under the bonnet of his rear-engined electric car and off he goes to give them a first-hand account of what has happened.
And the robots ask questions to all people involved in whatever has happened and then make a report for Chip. In fact, the reports are so meticulous, and hilarious at times, that Chip’s friend Erica, who is a media marketer, made them publish their news on their own website. She often gives them tips to spot fake news but lets them have their creative spin to the story. This is what is bonnetbots.com where you will find accounts of all things the robots have seen and done.
The initial news reports by the bots became so popular that Erica made them produce their own new TV show, The Bonnet Bots Show. You will find the show in the videos section of the website. And some of their instantaneous reactions to human actions were found so hilarious that the human editors of this website put them all in a separate section called Memes! You will find all these too on the website. Enjoy!