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Report: 38% of people who use Google for medical diagnosis also see a real doctor for ‘second opinion’

A new report from the RSI (Random Statistics Institute), which stated that 38% of all people who use Google for medical diagnosis of their illnesses, also see a real doctor for ‘second opinion’. The Bonnet Bots spoke to a few humans to know their views about this unprecedented yet accurate report.

“Well, you may think Google’s services are ‘free’, but I’m smart enough to grasp their knack of making money by showing us relevant ads. Likewise, doctors show us ‘relevant’ medical ads and posters in their clinic, along with their own medical certifications. But they still charge fees additionally, which is something that Google never asks for. Why pay the fee when Google gives it for free? Hence I use Google first,” said Lawjee Kaltheenkar, a local trainer for Sudoku teachers.

However, some people were in favor of using human doctors. “Well, in the remote chance that the googled medical diagnosis goes wrong, you can’t really sue Google, can you? In such cases, all you need is a real human. Unlike the US and UK, where you can sue for the most trivial of reasons, you can sue someone in India only if death or something even more terrible happens to you. So it is a wiser choice to have a human who you can blame,” said Mr. Heeza Boxersson, a local Sports Bar Bouncer.

The AI of the Bonnet Bots was so far unable to make sense of this information at press time.

Image Credits: Cover Image by Simon from Pixabay

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