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Boss asks employee caught in hostage situation to ‘work remotely’ from bank under siege

Defends order saying he had permitted employee to stop work if the masked men raised any objections

Fake Air Hostess used in Airline Ad turns out to be a model, never employed by airline

Frustrated customers complain to advertising standards bureau for ‘false claims’ and ‘unfair tactics to CRUSH competition’

Employees confused why Face-id systems not working after returning to offices

The systems ironically work when not following security measures at home, but not in office where mask and other Covid measures are compulsory

Record amounts of equipment rented by Gyms for demand during New Year Resolutions

Demand to last for full 2 weeks due to high ownership of fitness tracker watches

Chaos ensues after ‘Bring Girlfriend to Work’ Day changed last minute to ‘Family Day’ after invites already out

Several employees missing after unholy meet-ups of wives with ‘respective’ girlfriends

Town wins award for the cleanest Dustbins in the country

Read to learn how this town keeps its dustbins squeaky clean, from the inside rather than outside

Why Cats think they are like God

Know how the cutest animal on the internet was raised to Godly status by humans even before the internet existed (yes, this has lot of cute cat pics)

Doctors’ handwritings to be used as a last resort against AI algorithms that can crack CAPTCHA codes

This is the last hope against Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can identify EVERYTHING else

Wife irritated with female-only voice assistants being used by husband for all his phone searches, reminders, and GPS

The issue peaked when the husband thanked the ‘GPS-lady’ for driving directions, and she replied ‘That’s what I’m here for’ in a voice that was ‘seductive’ as per the wife

Cliché corporate photos may have no effect on office productivity, claims study

Report rubbished by HR manager who claimed high ’employee engagement’ achieved, with this proof.