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Man finally gives in to ransom demand of social network so that he can ‘view list of people who have checked out his profile’

A business social network, which we have not LINKED IN this post, repeatedly kept emailing a man about the list of 36 people who had viewed his profile, which he could only see if he upgrade to their ‘premium’ service. He started out with a free month that was bait, but to keep seeing who these people were, he ultimately had to give in and upgrade.

One of the several subtly-worded ransom notes received by the man

The Bonnet Bots spoke to him to confirm the story. After repeated attempts to avoid temptation, he finally took the bait from the social network—a free month of ‘premium subscription’, and automatic payments to follow, so that he could see who had shown interest in him in the dense web of corporate networks.

He now also has lot of training videos which he could not have seen earlier, which he does not see even now. But the reason has changed, from ‘no access’ to ‘Oh, I can see it whenever I want’.

-excerpt from a report filed by the Bonnet Bots

At the time of going to press, market experts had claimed that he will continue paying for the premium subscription for an average of 17.2 months before realizing that he does not need it.

Fact—Number of weeks after which he will again be offered to activate the premium service ‘free for a month’: 3

Image Credits: Cover Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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