About Bonnet Bots Media

Our Mission

To provide good quality humorous content to a global audience to not just Entertain but also Enlighten

Our Vision

With respect to our Boutique, our effort is to provide beautiful and cute, but useful products of use to our customers, which will serve as meaningful gifts with a value in life. The boutique theme of ‘Meaningful Miniatures’ has been made in this regard, to provide products that resemble real life objects in shape, though not in size (generally smaller, sometimes larger than life). These products also generally double up to serve some other use, such as for holding your keys, growing your plants, and other such stuff. At rare times, they will just be a piece of art, but worth showing off in to your family and friends.

Our Values

Honesty, Friendliness, Cuteness

Bonnet Bots Media LLP is a media company that aims to entertain, with an aim to also enlighten.

When you laugh at the way things are, you also learn about how things should actually be. And our hope is that while bringing you satire, fun facts and laughter, we also enlighten you with strange facts of life that we sometimes fail to see, but are hidden in plain sight.