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Roe vs Wade: 5% boost to economy expected Due to Anti-Abortion law

Unseen benefits await industries like Travel and Real Estate even before the un-aborted fetuses enter the…

School kids would be safe if law allowed them to carry guns, says lawyer to NRA

Ban on under-18 gun sales totally responsible for kids not being able to stop shooter themselves, and for a ‘market related’ problem

Nepotism: Pregnant Actress Trolled for Casting OWN Unborn Child as on-screen unborn child

Unbranded pillow denied chance of acting debut; netizens ask if pillow in question was black or white, to decide whether it is a racist crime or…

Actress who gained 25 kg for Movie role, unable to lose it back

Not getting any new role, even for same film series for which she gained weight in the first place! She says…

Shocking: Getting jobs without having inside ‘connections’ might still be possible today, claim experts

Though you might have to work for free as an intern, know how you can get FREE salary in return for your work, and other interesting tips!

Woman sues Hospital after husband given only 5 days to live is still not dead after two months

Doctor’s negligence messed up her financial planning around insurance money she wrongly expected due to ‘medically inaccurate false hopes’

After Russian Paralympic Ban, now Russian Women banned from Women’s Day celebrations

To prove that we don’t discriminate against women of color, we need to equally discriminate against women with blonde hair and blue eyes, says man responsible for ban

Warning: Covid-19 vigilante lures innocent kids and adults into masking up

Even countries like Canada are now getting rights to be mask-free, but this locality’s mask freedom is in severe danger, as per this latest report

Veto power is just a practical Veil, but theoretically, the UN is very, very powerful, claims expert

UN strong enough to protect Ukraine, if only Russia would agree not to Veto this action, he says

Leadership is inborn, can never be learnt through coaching, says leading Leadership coach

The absolute proof for this can be found in the (lack of) results achieved by his own students, he claims