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Revealed: Best solution to Mosquito bites is selecting the right Girlfriend

Revealed: Best solution to Mosquito bites is selecting the right Girlfriend

  • View this extremely useful (yet hilarious) slideshow to know how your choice of partner can directly affect your chances of being bitten by those little blood-sucking insects

Bonnet Bots Unbelievably Untrue News Service

  • Having all mosquitoes pulled toward your partner can give you peaceful sleep. Only if they are REALLY more prone to mosquito bites than you.

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At the time of going to press, when the Bonnet Bots were questioned about what married people should do, the Blue Bonnet Bot said that about half the population already had partners who were more prone than them to get bitten. “Did you do a survey?” they asked. “No, we deduced it from our Artificial Intelligence”, the Yellow Bot is reported to have said.


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Image credit: Photo by Anna Tarazevich , Photo by TH Team from Pexels, Photo by Studio Negarin from Pexels Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash Image by Elionas from Pixabay

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