Terms And Conditions

Main points:

  • If you face any issues with your order, we will make our best efforts to correct it without ANY cost to you, including shipping costs. Our main aim is customer satisfaction.
  • In case of manufacturing defects or any other issue such as a damaged, malfunctioning or wrong product received, please inform with us within 7 days from delivery. For this, email us at support@site1.bonnetbots.com
  • Currently we are delivering orders only in India.
  • In some cases, for deliveries outside India, when applicable, a customs duty (or a similar tax as applicable) might have to be paid by the customer on receipt of the item, at actuals. This will be in addition to the price and taxes paid during the time of purchase unless otherwise specified.

Full terms and conditions:

The important points for purchase from the store on this website are listed below. ‘You’ refers to any user who uses this website or buys anything on it, and Bonnet Bots Media LLP is the company that owns site1.bonnetbots.com, which will be referred to as ‘BBML’, ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this agreement.

  1. Exchange / refund is provided if there are any defects in the products received by you. In such cases, please communicate within 7 days from delivery. Please email us at support@site1.bonnetbots.com
  2. In some cases, for deliveries outside India, a customs duty (or a similar tax as applicable) might have to be paid by the customer on receipt of item, at actuals. This will be in addition to the price and taxes paid during the time of purchase, unless otherwise specified.
  3. For custom products of Bonnet Bots, all copyrights to the designs on anything purchased by you, or viewed on the website, are owned by BBML. You may not reproduce any design, in its direct or indirect form, without prior written permission from a director of BBML.
  4. You can contact us at support@site1.bonnetbots.com for any queries or support
  5. If you do not like the language of this agreement, you must know that written text sounds a bit mean, when compared to the real person(s). We are not mean; we made this agreement to protect us legally, but we are good people. We will try to ensure by all practical means to make our customers happy. If you are happy, we succeed.
  6. You are supposed to have fun on this website. This is NOT OPTIONAL. Have fun. Have a great life :=)
  7. In the remote case that a dispute arises, we shall try to resolve it through an arbitrator chosen jointly between you and us.
  8. If arbitration fails, we should limit the court cases to Mumbai (India) Jurisdiction

We may provide you areas on the Site to leave reviews or ratings. When posting a review, you must comply with the following criteria:

(1) you should have firsthand experience with the product/service/person/entity being reviewed;

(2) your reviews should not contain offensive profanity, or abusive, racist, offensive, or hate language;

(3) your reviews should not contain discriminatory references based on religion, race, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability;

(4) your reviews should not contain references to illegal activity;

(5) you should not be affiliated with competitors if posting negative reviews;

(6) you should not make any conclusions as to the legality of conduct;

(7) you may not post any false or misleading statements;

(8) you may not organize a campaign encouraging others to post reviews, whether positive or negative.

We may accept, reject, or remove reviews in our sole discretion. We have absolutely no obligation to screen reviews or to delete reviews, even if anyone considers reviews objectionable or inaccurate. Reviews are not endorsed by us, and do not necessarily represent our opinions or the views of any of our affiliates or partners.

We do not assume liability for any review or for any claims, liabilities, or losses resulting from any review. By posting a review, you hereby grant to us a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, fully-paid, assignable, and sublicensable right and license to reproduce, modify, translate, transmit by any means, display, perform, and/or distribute all content relating to reviews.

Credits: Some parts of this agreement are made based on content provided by https://termly.io/