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Cliché corporate photos may have no effect on office productivity, claims study

In a revelation that comes as a surprise to people in general, and HR employees in particular, cliché poses of people in office clothes, holding hands together, or making inspiring faces to show ‘awesomeness’, may not have real use in increasing office productivity.

The various images under discussion, used by professionals for depicting corporate environment, which may or may not help at all

“They contribute, not in expression of positive attitude but in creating an impression that these organizations care about diversity, given that all stock images sites have already updated most images with people from all races and geographies”, said Vincentive James, a not-so dedicated employee of a local MNC, while speaking to the Blue Bonnet Bot.

The Blue Bonnet Bot speaks to Vincentive James, an employee of a local MNC

“The only good this photo fetched was a one-hour break from work to pose for it. I think HR is too bothered about employee productivity, but in fact, all amenities designed to enhance productivity have never really served the actual purpose, just like my team leader” commented Markey Worksworth, an employee who claimed she directly reports to her reporting manager.

However, perspectives surprisingly varied with some people. “Such images are very useful to, er, our clients. The positive effect has certainly been shown in our balance sheets” said Celeroff Ottos, an iGettyStock Photo executive, to the Bonnet Bots. Celeroff’s company sells such images to corporate HR and Marketing personnel so that they look good at the times of their performance reviews.

Such images are very useful to, er, our clients. The positive effect has certainly been shown in our balance sheets

Celeroff Ottos, iGettyStock Photos Sales Manager

At the time of going to press, another person, this time directly from HR, claimed that it increased ’employee engagement’. “Two people who were made to pose repeatedly to get ‘official’ images ultimately got engaged to each other, and will marry next month. Doesn’t that count as employee engagement?” he said, while clicking on the ‘like’ button for the couple’s engagement photo on Instagram, while simultaneously talking to the Bonnet Bots.

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