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15 tips to save costs during your wedding

Inspired by couple who got married during lockdown to benefit from reduced guest lists

Man accidentally creates artwork worth 2 million dollars

The paints he spilled on the back side of the actual painting, got accidentally displayed at the auction

Construction error passed off as ‘modern architecture’

Innovative building consultant helps save face and avoid millions in rebuilding costs

FAQ’s for Astronaut Jobs: Clarifications for those willing to work for new-age space start-ups

Know the source of your water in space, and what happens to your job if you get pregnant

Coding lessons for your 2-year-old child! Why wait till they turn 6?

This will also outwit those who pressurize your child’s parents about their kids’ coding abilities

Next Olympics might be held ONLINE to avoid cancellation due to Pandemic

Athletes to ‘work from home’ to be out of risk; Playstation, Xbox, and Wii competing to be the official sports hardware provider for the games

Big Pharma to use cheap generics on mice as own drugs too expensive for testing

They have assured regulators of no ulterior motive other than marginal profiteering

‘Piercing pain ahead’ says WHO as it warns countries about next wave of Vaccine shots

The most painful part of the pandemic for those yet unaffected by the allegedly real virus is the pain from the jab

“We will condemn on Twitter, even Facebook if need be”, says bold statement from world’s nations on Myanmar Protestor Deaths

India has already asked for a ‘peaceful solution’, but one of India’s large neighbors decided not to indulge in such tactics, to avoid troubling Myanmar’s military that is already troubled by ‘internal issues’

Honest feminist wants reduction in female supermodels’ pay to match that of their male counterparts

Sometimes it is the men who need more equality than women, explains someone who is not a biased neutral observer