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Jobs lost due to ‘accidentally unmuted Zoom mics’ is the new casualty of Covid-19

Bonus: Tips for corporate employees to avoid an unmute-faux-pas and save your job

‘Disposable pets’ trend emerging quickly due to Super-Expensive ‘Pet Food’

It’s now cheaper to regularly replace hungry pets with new ones than to keep buying costly food to keep existing ones alive

Politician vows to convert death penalty to life sentence for innocent people who were mistakenly convicted

Instead of aiming for perfect acquittal, we should get at least this much progress “before this election” he says

Woman successfully breaks glass ceiling on corporate ladder

Receives multiple glass injuries and a huge fine

Experts find conclusive evidence of China’s involvement in COVID-19 vaccine

Undercover teams investigating ‘Covid and everything related to it’, have claimed that the Sinopharm vaccine, and probably even Sinovac, have originated from China

Entire world finishes doing their bit for Afghanistan

They have not only posted support on social media but have boldly demanded presence of soldiers of countries other than their own, to help the troubled nation

Lifelong Credit Card Fraud: “I was duped by dating website”

Man complains after newfound wife finishes credit card limit in half a day

Startup surprised to learn they do not qualify as ‘Non-profit organization’ in spite of 4 years without profit

It wanted tax relief of a non-profit after having failed in spite of having ‘innovation at its core’

Will airline sue medical bodies for using its trademarked name for Delta variant?

Read to know how Airplanes and Delta variant can be considered to be from same class for trademarks

Anti-maskers demand neutral survey amongst specific people only

Want mask survey only amongst those who aren’t biased due to family member deaths caused by Covid-19