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Major turning point in Meghan Markle family relations came on realizing Royal Dynasty is Dynastic rather than Meritocratic

British Tabloids have revealed that a major turning point in the ex-famous ex-royal couple’s family relations came after Meghan realized that the Royal Dynasty is Dynastic, rather than being a meritocracy, which was her least expectation. “I would have no chance of becoming queen in spite of all my talents”, Meghan Markle is reported to have said, which was so unfair, reports revealed.

“She even cried, and now she can no longer say that we don’t report her tears” said one royal-leaning tabloid. Even in this modern day, blood relation hierarchy is the only factor deciding who in a royal family gets to become the monarch. They openly agree about being dynastic, without even making an effort to be politically correct. Everyone knows that irrespective of Royal competence, it is only Prince Charles who will get to be the next monarch. There is no chance for anyone else, even if they prove to be better at governance. “And we have the illusion of living in a democratic England” Meghan allegedly told Bagga Ranger, the Royal Handbag Caretaker, who spoke to the Blue Bonnet Bot. However, this was totally incorrect according to some people. “Well, this assumption about Prince Charles becoming the monarch is made on the basis of the hypothetical situation that the Queen is going to die, which may never happen” quoted Mare Shampoworth, the Royal Horses’ Hairdresser. This was confirmed by our highly placed unreliable sources, who keep feeding critical information to the Bonnet Bots.

The Blue Bonnet Bot speaking to Bagga Ranger, the Royal Handbag Caretaker, about her boss

At the time of going to press, the Bonnet Bots had decided that any more information arriving on this critical matter will never be published since there might not be any more juice left by then to extract from this topic, unless there’s a big thing like these royals making a public appearance or anything like that, which would make the press crazy…

Image Credits: Handbag Caretaker Image by Fauzan Mokhtar from Pixabay

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