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Doctors’ handwritings to be used as a last resort against AI algorithms that can crack CAPTCHA codes

Unlike humans, who always answer truthfully to the ‘I’m not a robot’ question asked on websites, spamware programs are known to lie unscrupulously, to access and spam systems meant only for humans. Developments in Artificial Intelligence are making it even more difficult to design effective ‘Captcha’ codes. To solve this problem, scientists have suggested using Doctors’ handwritings as a tool to confuse these AI algorithms and make it impossible for them to solve Captcha codes.

The Bonnet Bots spoke to an expert who understands both these fields, i.e. of Doctors and of Artificial Intelligence, to learn more about the issue.

“We have tried various codes and quizzes to replace the Captcha kind of codes used to stop nasty web crawlers or computer bots from accessing websites meant for humans. But surprisingly, Artificial intelligence (AI) has somehow figured out how to click ‘I’m not a robot’ or to even click on all boxes in a visual matrix, which have traffic lights in them. They can even solve simple math equations which were earlier thought to have been doable only by humans for some reason. So, now the ultimate weapon against them is the Doctor’s handwriting. This is the last hope against Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can identify EVERYTHING else. I have my own handwriting to vouch for it” said Messirai Terr, an AI scientist, who was formerly a specialist doctor for lactose intolerant pets. (Messirai Terr had answered one of the ads on the internet that offer to make you a data scientist without any IT background necessary).

This is the last hope against Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can identify EVERYTHING else

Messirai Terr, AI scientist & formerly, doctor for lactose intolerant pets

To know if this idea was indeed foolproof, the Bonnet Bots sent a survey to 57 top doctors globally, and received all 57 response forms filled in full within 7 days, but unfortunately couldn’t publish the results of the findings, as they weren’t able to decipher the handwriting on any of them.

robots_captcha codes_article
The Bonnet Bots in happier times when a single click would let them access sites meant for humans

At the time of going to press, this tactic seemed to have failed because in most cases, not just the AI, but human’s themselves failed to make sense of what was written in the Doctors’ handwritings used as Captcha codes, barring humans themselves from the systems that the tool was trying to protect access to.

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