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Employees confused why Face-id systems not working after returning to offices

A group of employees from TCCS (The Cogzemini Consultancy Services), a software Company, recently faced a crucial situation where their systems denied access to most employees, when they returned to work. Just as they prepared to ‘live with the coronavirus’, this new problem stopped them from working out of their offices. The artificially intelligent AI robots, the Bonnet Bots, visited the office to investigate.

“Some people were given access by the system. That too they are those who don’t even follow rules, like wearing a mask. But ironically their access wasn’t affected. Life’s totally unfair” said Maskaf O. Lower, an AGILE SCRUM master from the company. He was talking to the Blue Bonnet Bot. The yellow Bonnet Bot asked him if the masks themselves could be the problem, to which he said, “No, that is the first thing I thought of as an AGILE coach” said Maskaf, “so I checked and confirmed that all employees had removed their masks, at least while training the camera for the first time.” “But what if it is a problem for the security cameras? Can you try logging in without a mask?” asked the Bot. “Well, that will be breach of Covid-protocol, but I will surely take this up for discussion in our next SCRUM meeting, which is the first thing on schedule once the access problem is solved” he replied.

At the time of going to press, employees had emailed a complaint to the HR head over their mobile phones, as they could somehow use their mobile devices from home. But they only got an out-of-office auto-reply saying “I’m currently in office but unable to access my systems and will reply to you once I am able to solve this problem”.

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