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Wife irritated with female-only voice assistants being used by husband for all his phone searches, reminders, and GPS

A local business analyst from an IT company faced serious problems when his wife told him how uncomfortable she was with him talking to female voice assistants all the time. He was IT-savvy and used his phone assistant for everything from voice searches to setting alarms, reminders and getting driving directions from the GPS. “Thank you,” he said to the GPS, and the ‘GPS-lady’ retorted with ‘That’s what I am here for’, in a voice that was reportedly ‘seductive’ as per his wife, who unfortunately happened to overhear this entire conversation. There was no end to her fury.

“He talks to her so kindly, and she too to him…it sometimes feels too real. He even thanks her after setting each reminder, though its supposed to be only a machine, and she too responds with stuff like, ‘That’s fine, that’s what I’m here for’. I’m sure she even winks while saying things like that, though we aren’t able to see it,” she angrily stated to the Bonnet Bots, the cute robots who were trying to investigate the matter.

“Its just a machine,” the husband explained, as he showed the wife how the same voice replied even if he did a voice search. He then told the voice assistant to call ‘Rukhsana’, which is the wife’s name. ‘Found 4 entries for Rukhsana, which one do you want me to call?’ said the ‘phone-lady’. To this, the wife got even more irritated, as she only had two phone numbers herself. “Who are these other two Rukhsanas in your phone?” she demanded in fury.

The husband tried to explain, but before he could, the phone had been thrown onto the ground by the wife, taking along with it, all the 13 parts that had earlier been one phone, in addition to the proof that the other two Rukhsanas were just the wife’s own pre-marriage landline number and her office phone number

-Yellow Bonnet Bot explaining what he saw

When asked why she too didn’t try using voice assistants to ease her life, she angrily replied “I have managed so long without these stupid gadget ladies, why should I have to listen to another woman now?”

At press time, she was seen desperately trying to search the ‘settings’ menu on her husband’s new phone to change the voice into that of a man, so that her husband wouldn’t be distracted ‘all the time’.

Image Credits: Cover photo from Shutterstock

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