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Why Cats think they are like God

Unlike other pets, cats listen to you only sometimes. And you never know the reason why. So might be the case with God.
God and Cats have other similarities — they are always watching you

They are omnipresent, secretly keeping track of your every move

You offer them ladoos, or special food fit for humans, though they aren’t human

They will be with you without caring for your social status

We get angry at them sometimes, but later realize that we shouldn’t

Cats rule

All you need is God. Or cats.

Some people offer flowers

Some humans make a place for them in a corner of their home. Or at least on a shelf.

Some deaths may be blamed on them…

Sometimes, we ask, where are they? We point to the heavens, and say, up there

Tiger Siberian Predator - Free photo on Pixabay
Just like Greek Gods, cats come from powerful families

We teach our kids to love them.

And finally, Robots don’t know why, but Humans want to be like them.

Image Credits:

Cover image: Humberto Arellano; Cat PNG while crossing road: Image by Christel SAGNIEZ from Pixabay. Cat ears woman image: Image by Artist and zabiyaka from Pixabay

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