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Fake Air Hostess used in Airline Ad turns out to be a model, never employed by airline

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Customers of a popular airline were left frustrated after its ad showed a ‘model’ who never really worked with the airline. The name of the airline has been hidden because they paid our publication because we do not believe this to be a malpractice done just by one airline. Or any company for that matter. But that is not the point…the main issue is that they may have technically lied to humans, who did not get what they were told. The Bonnet Bots, i.e. the pair of the cutest robots in cyberspace, decided to speak to some disgraced customers to investigate.

The ad fraud was first confirmed when frequent flier Afta Daggal, an amateur surgeon, flew all routes on all different timeslots of the airline, but did not get a glimpse of the now famous ‘golden girl’ of the airline even once. “It is not that we fly for getting a glimpse of a specific air hostess, but you cannot mislead people by showing ads that aren’t real,” stated Afta Daggal. “This is against the rules of advertising, I think,” he said, hoping that his free country would obviously have such laws for fair advertising standards (it didn’t). “It is exactly these kind of situations for which regulatory institutions are needed” he added, and left for the office of the advertising standards bureau to file a complaint for ‘false claims’ and ‘unfair tactics to CRUSH competition.’

The Bonnet Bots examine the ad that caused the controversy

However, the airline spokesperson, who earlier worked as a flight overbooking specialist, had a different opinion. “You can’t expect to get whatever you see in the ads, otherwise food shown in food ads would have to be preserved later on for serving the SAME stuff to customers, as shown in the commercials. That would be disgusting,” he claimed. Comments from Richard Branson, one of the most flamboyant businessmen to also have an airline that directly competes with the airline concerned here, could not be published as the Bonnet Bots were unable to reach him. An unconfirmed source mentioned that he does not take ‘Robo Calls’, especially from some ‘Bots’.

At the time of going to press, the frequent flier Afta Daggal had called the Bonnet Bots to convey his concurrence to the airline spokesperson’s opinion about food ads. “That must be true. That’s why you have so many complaints about airline food tasting so bad…because they actually serve the stale food from airline food ads. They must be following these ad bureau laws at least SOMEWHERE, right?” he concurred.

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