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Town wins award for the cleanest Dustbins in the country

Jugnutelaiya, India

“There is litter all around, we know, but at least the bins are clean”, said Lorridrai Vurr Mai, a garbage truck driver from Jugnutelaiya city, while speaking to the Blue Bonnet Bot. “Unlike other towns who keep dirtying their bins by throwing all sorts of garbage into them, this town wants to make a habit of winning this clean bin award repeatedly,” he added.

The Blue Bonnet Bot speaks to Lorridrai Vurr Mai, a garbage truck driver

Clean towns came into the limelight in India recently when the government declared a list of ‘cleanest towns’. As per Lorridrai Vurr, many towns in India have started keeping themselves much cleaner than earlier since the drive, which he believes is just so that they can win this award, which comes at a huge cost of dirty dustbins.

“Cities like Surat, Navi Mumbai and Pune might appear clean to the untrained eye, but our city has dustbins cleaner than even Indore, which has topped the clean-city list 5 times in a row”

Loridrai Vur Mai, garbage truck driver in Jugnutelaiya

“I finish my collection route in no time, as I am only supposed to collect garbage INSIDE the bins,” continued Loridrai Verr, smiling widely. “Especially with everyone wearing masks, no one even complains about bad smell anymore. It’s the ideal work situation!” he concluded.

At the time of going to press, several opposition parties were planning an agitation to correct the wrong habits in towns that were dirtying their dustbins from inside, just because of the reckless ‘Clean India Mission’ being run by the government.

Image credits: Garbage collector original Photo by Refhad on Unsplash

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