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‘Piercing pain ahead’ says WHO as it warns countries about next wave of Vaccine shots

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The second wave that most people have been talking about, is not of the infection, the Bonnet Bots have learned, but of the vaccine, because most people are up for their second shot of the vaccines, which require two doses to be effective. The WHO had this realization from the research to study the effect of the jab on those who were not yet troubled much by the Covid-19 virus. These interviewees were more afraid of the pain encountered during the piercing of the pointy needle into their arms, which, for sure, is real, according to people directly involved with the vaccination process.

Viru S. Hater, the animal blood group analyser currently helping to pierce humans with the Covid vaccine

“Most humans, even in their adult age, are secretly more afraid of the needle than the symptoms of the disease” said Viru S. Hater, an animal blood group analyser, who fills in for human vaccine piercers during times of acute vaccinator shortage, as is seen during the current pandemic. “I wasn’t able to help during the last pandemic as I wasn’t even born then, but I am lucky enough to be alive during this one. How else would I have got to pierce real humans instead of animals?” she asked the Yellow Bonnet Bot.

At the time of going to press, many people were aghast to know that the vaccine does not award lifetime protection, meaning there may be more ‘waves’ of vaccines in the coming years, where they are pierced by the likes of Viru.

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