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Coding lessons for your 2-year-old child! Why wait till they turn 6?

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So many online trainers are coaxing you to wait till your child is six, for coding lessons. But if you are in a hurry due to a valid reason best known to you, why wait for 4 extra years? Join the Thumb-sucker’s Institute of Underage Coaching (TSIUC), where we offer free coaching for your young ones. Yes, the coaching is completely free for the first 10 weeks, if you pay a nominal registration fee (equivalent to just US$ 500)

Ignore those who may in remote cases, emotionally pressurize your child’s parents to ‘not be left out’ with respect to other kids. If your child is already an expert in Python or JavaScript BEFORE turning 6, there is no way they can pressurize you, because your kid will already be code-literate by the time your neighbors’ kid even qualifies for their 6-year age limit! How boast-worthy brilliant!

Anna being taught coding by her daughter who learned it from TSIUC, as less-than-two-year-old Tim (uneducated in coding) looks on

While certain children may unfortunately have to wear glasses for biological reasons, there is no reason why your child should have to remain glass-free just because they were born that way. A few of our coding sessions with the screen up close shall do the trick.

What’s more, with one child, there’s free coaching for the sibling (just on paying the registration fee!)

So what are you waiting for! Come one, come all! Special 90% discount for early joiners (except on registration fees!)

Note: The Bonnet Bots do not take any responsibility for the side-effects of joining the above-mentioned coding classes, including but not limited to addiction to screens, need to wear spectacles or increase in lens thickness, social introversy, anti-sporting attitude, lack of vitamin D or the possibility of slaving it for Big IT. This is allegedly a sponsored post. The two robots do not own any stock in the Thumb suckers’ Institute of Underage Coaching, which may or may not exist in Jugnutelaiya state in India.

Image credit: Cover Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash, Anna image by Alexander Dummer from Unsplash

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