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Honest feminist wants reduction in female supermodels’ pay to match that of their male counterparts

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 “Not all jobs are unequal”, clarified Hanna Ecualkara, who fights for the equality of women with men. “In most jobs, only women need equality, but as a gender equality proponent for various industries, I refuse to speak like a neutral observer who is biased” she stated. 

 “You mean other neutral observers of industries are biased?” asked the Yellow Bonnet Bot. 

 Yes, she stated. “For example, there is a need to reduce the pay of female supermodels to match that of male models, who are paid much lesser”. She continued, “I think it is not just women who need to be equal. No industry can survive unless even the men are equal.”

 You mean it is possible to have industries where women are equal, but men are not?” questioned the Blue Bonnet Bot. “That’s very much possible. Don’t you know about air hostesses? Their male counterparts aren’t even given the privilege to be called air hosts. They are simply called pursers, which is unjust. I am honest, and I want real equality. I’m not like those who only raise their voices for injustice, but mute themselves during over-justice” she stated with conviction. “Wow, that’s a really rare quality we have observed in the humans we have interacted with” stated the Blue Bonnet Bot. “No, there are more people like me. How many neutral observers of industries have you spoken to?” she asked, as she left for an equality event for the beauty pageant industry. 

The bonnet bots decided to immediately speak to a few neutral observers of industries, to explore the truth. One such lady was totally supportive of Hanna. Siera F’jobs, a neutral-observer-of-industries by profession, spoke to the Bonnet Bots regarding this matter and said that the situation was indeed grave. She commented, “Consider the on-stage-magician’s-assistants industry. This industry is always biased toward women—have you ever seen a man dressed in skimpy clothes, acting as an assistant for a famous magician? The men in this industry are ALL unemployed; their net pay is zero. Even a biased neutral observer cannot fail to see the plight of men in this industry. Hence, sometimes it is the men who need more equality than women.”

 Just before going to press, the Bonnet Bots received various comments, such as “I have never seen a male cheer girl”, or “Superman has Supergirl made after he became famous. But after Catwoman, did they make a catboy or dogboy? Never”. Another person stated, “I too think that men are treated unfairly. After Wonder Woman, they never made a Wonder Man who wears small clothes and has magical powers”. But after this comment, the Yellow Bot had a query. “Well, that little guy called Harry is small, and has magical powers, so doesn’t he qualify?” he asked naively. But his question got brushed aside and the article was pushed to the press without any conclusion to the query.

Image Credit: Fashion show Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

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