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Construction error passed off as ‘modern architecture’

A building in Grenovia, Europe, whose construction has gone horribly wrong on one side, has been passed off as modern architecture, it has emerged. The Bonnet Bots spoke to Bildeengman Epulator, the consultant who was called in for help after a minor error in the execution of the design led to a major mismatch in the exterior completion.

The Building consultant celebrating with the project sponsor for millions saved in rebuilding costs, and for commission earned in the process

“A lot of windows had to be cut in awkwardly slanting lines, but we managed well in the end”

Bildeengman Epulator, Construction Consultant for New Dilapidated Structures

The Bonnet Bots spoke to the team to understand how they managed to pull off such an innovative idea, and they were told, “This is the oldest innovative technique that we have used, it is nothing new. The consultant just got everyone into the room and asked them to write their ideas on post-it notes, no matter how unrealistic they were–no judging was to be done. Even if someone said to convert the

building into an airplane, even that idea should not be discarded, as per the golden rules of corporate brainstorming. We should then just organize the ideas into groups based on similarity (or just by the color of post-it notes if they are too complex to classify, as was the case this time). Then choose the one which is most viable. The idea that won was, ‘Do nothing. Just say it was on purpose.’ ”

The team explaining the brainstorming process used to arrive at this idea to the Blue Bonnet Bot

By coming up with this idea, the poorest employee in the company made half a million dollars, for the consultant mentioned above. The employee himself too was promptly awarded a ‘Thank you’ card by the efficient HR manager.

At the time of going to Press, the consultant was being consulted again by the same client about applying for the ‘Best Architecture Award’ which they were confident of winning this time around.

Image credit: Celebratory photo of the consultant Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash; Original Photo for people explaining to the bots: by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

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