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Man accidentally creates artwork worth 2 million dollars

An operations error that left a painting ‘unflipped’ caused the backside of a painting to be displayed at a Northbys’ auction here in Drawingshire, BA. No one was expecting a unique fresh artwork in the auction, which was accidentally created when a handler of the painting mishandled a box of paint bottles, accidentally dropping them on the blank side of a painting laid out for selection for the auction. He hurriedly tried to remove the paint using metal scrapers, which resulted in the now-famous artwork.

Other handlers thought this colorful side to be the main side, given that it looked more artful than the ‘original’ artwork, which now is the new ‘backside’ of the painting. And that is how the ‘fresh’ colorful painting got displayed at the Northby’s auction. Five art collectors bid for the painting, four of whom were art ‘experts’. However, the experts had bid only 1 to 1.5 million dollars. The fifth person, who was a non-expert, ended up over-valuing it by half a million, and thus it got sold off at this staggering price. The new ‘artist’ does not plan to create any further artworks though, as they won’t become valuable until he dies anyway, as per the same four ‘experts’.

The Yellow Bonnet Bot speaking to the art experts about the newly created piece of art

“Why did you think it is worth 1.5 million dollars?” asked the Yellow Bonnet Bot, to one of the ‘experts’. “Well, I thought it is not worth 4 or 5 million because it wasn’t something innovative, such as a banana taped to a wall. This was just traditional paint on canvas” said the expert who did not win the auction. Another expert had different views though. “Well, we didn’t know it was made by a novice artist. Also, we didn’t know that he wasn’t yet dead”, he told the Bot.

At the time of going to press, the man who over-bid and won the auction, realised that it was worth the extra money, given that he also got the ‘original’ painting that was behind the ‘fresh’ painting, which was never seen by the ‘experts’ who undervalued it.

Image Credits: Main ‘fresh’ painting: Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

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