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Entire world finishes doing their bit for Afghanistan

Most people on planet earth, or at least those with access to the internet, have dutifully completed doing their bit towards Afghanistan, either on Twitter or at least on some other social media platforms, as per confirmed reports received by the Bonnet Bots. Some people have posted not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook and other additional places such as their WhatsApp statuses or even their Instagram Profiles, to show their solidarity to the nation.

The Bonnet Bots spoke to a few people to understand the situation. “The US and other NATO countries’ soldiers have failed,” said Warrex Pert, whose country had sent exactly zero soldiers to Afghanistan or any other country to help. He was speaking to the Blue Bonnet Bot. “Would you have gone to fight for Afghanistan’s civilians?” asked the Bot. “No, I am preparing for a PUBG championship currently, and anyway, I’m not a real soldier. Also, why should my country send soldiers to Afghanistan?” he stated.

Another ‘expert’ on Afghanistan (at least on social media) spoke to the Yellow Bonnet Bot, saying “The latest joke is that US & NATO allies have spent 2 Trillion dollars and 20 years to replace the Taliban with Taliban.” When the Bot asked, “But haven’t the people of Afghanistan enjoyed freedom for 20 years at least, due to these efforts? And since they have withdrawn, wouldn’t you like to extend their freedom by asking your own country to send soldiers?”, to which he stated, “No, we can’t send our soldiers. What if they die?”. The Bot argued, “But US and NATO allies too had to sacrifice more than 3000 lives, and more than 20 thousand injuries. So can’t other nations take over, now that they are gone?” To which, he said, “No, all my friends and relatives have said that the right thing is to expect that the US and NATO should not withdraw and that they should keep sending soldiers till eternity.”

At the time of going to press, people had gone one step further than just declaring solidarity with Afghanistan, and actually demanded that nations, other than their own, should step up and send soldiers to help the withered nation, and criticized the UN and other organizations for not sending their soldiers to die for Afghanistan.

Image credit: Cover image: Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay

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