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Woman successfully breaks glass ceiling on corporate ladder

Local commercial bid manager Crystal Shatterburg wanted to make a name for herself in the corporate world but was warned that she needs to break the corporate glass ceiling if she were to succeed as a woman in business. All her previous years in the industry were spent preparing for the same. However, two injuries and one big fine later, the success doesn’t seem worthwhile after all.

Crystal Shatterburg on the corporate ladder in one of her attempts to break the glass ceiling

“I still don’t believe the people now telling me that the glass ceiling is only proverbial. It was never mentioned anywhere in the blogs I read that it is not actually a real, physical ceiling. All these corporate trainers and blog writers need to get a reality check. I will confirm what others are telling me now but if it is really true that the glass ceiling is not real, I am going to complain against all these writers”, said Shatterburg, while gently massaging her elbow which, just like her, still hadn’t recovered from the shock. She was speaking to the Bonnet Bots who immediately reached the office to take note of this rare happening.

At the time of going to the press, Crystal was shattered again to know that the ladder used by her to break the ceiling wasn’t a ‘corporate’ ladder but an ordinary ladder used by local, non-corporate painters.

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