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Lifelong Credit Card Fraud: “I was duped by dating website”

A man who used a dating and e-matrimony website to find a life partner has claimed that he has been lured into a lifelong credit card fraud, that can never be undone. It all started when he started searching for the girl who would be his wife, on a matchmaking platform called ‘Finder’, whose tagline was “Find a person who could one day be your spouse”.

“My new wife finishes my credit card limit in half a day”

-Man allegedly defrauded by “Finder” app

True to its promise, the site helped him find his future spouse. He got married and everything seemed fine for a day. However, just a day later, he received an SMS from his bank, saying “Your Credit card limit has been exhausted”. He had never reached the limit in his entire life, so he read and re-read the message until the truth struck him. His new wife had his credit card, and she was out shopping. He felt it wasn’t a big problem, as he had 5 or 6 other credit cards, which still had the entire unused limit. However, he started receiving a couple of these messages each day, when he realized something was amiss. “Within three days, all the 6 cards were exhausted,” he told the Yellow Bonnet Bot with a long face. “I just couldn’t digest it…My new wife finishes my credit card limit in half a day” he added.

The Bonnet Bots investigate the website of the app responsible for the alleged fraud

This case is very similar to another case with the same ‘Finder’ app, where a husband and wife allegedly came into a very embarrassing situation due to the app’s fault, which can be accessed here.

Coming back to our case, “Why can’t you undo the wedding?” asked a friend. “Well, other than this fraud, the wife is nice and otherwise non-irritating. She only has this addiction to shopping. Others have warned me that if I go in for a return/exchange by the DRP (Divorce, Remarriage Process), there is no guarantee that the next one will spend less. So in a way, I am limiting my losses by letting things be as they are. Plus I think I have a crush on my wife, and will soon be asking her out.” said the defrauded man, staring at his non-functional credit cards in his hands.

At the time of going to press, the ‘Finder’ website had added a new section called ‘$$$’ which indicated EADS (Expected Average Daily Spend) of the potential wives, and husbands too, for equality.

Image credit: Cover image from shutterstock by Dean Drobot.

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