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Politician vows to convert death penalty to life sentence for innocent people who were mistakenly convicted

A local politician, Elec Shunfox, who is responsible for making criminal laws, has declared that he will be bringing in a major reform in the law by eradicating the death penalty totally for anyone who was wrongly sentenced to death while being totally innocent. Their punishment, he has declared, will be immediately commuted to a life sentence. The yellow Bonnet Bot spoke to him to understand the matter in detail.

The yellow Bonnet Bot speaks to Local Politician and future Lawmaker, Elec Shunfox

“Shouldn’t they be totally acquitted?” asked the naïve Yellow Bonnet Bot. “Well, we will slowly come to that. But we must go in realistic steps. In the quest to perfection, we achieve nothing at all.”

“Instead of aiming for perfection by trying to acquit them totally, we should get at least this much progress, at least until this election”

Elec Shunfox, Local Politician and future Lawmaker

“Isn’t a life sentence better than death? Half a loaf is better than no bread at all” Elec Shunfox explained to the Bonnet Bot. “Let’s achieve at least this much first. If we over-achieve, we may not have any issues left for campaigning during the next election” he told the Yellow Bonnet Bot under strict conditions of confidentiality. The readers of the Bonnet Bots’  News are advised not to talk about this to anyone, respecting Elec’s request for secrecy.

At the time of going to press, Elec Shunfox had promised immediate acquittal at least for those innocent people who had died before the long process of law could decide whether they were eligible for commuting their death sentence to a lifer.

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