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Veto power is just a practical Veil, but theoretically, the UN is very, very powerful, claims expert

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“The UN Security Council has had its second emergency meeting in three days (#notsatire!), just for the sake of Ukraine” said Guddob Zerver, an international expert on United Nations, WHO, Politics, Bitcoin, etc. He was speaking to the Bonnet Bots, the robots who are trying to understand the current chaos in the crazy world of humans.

The Bonnet Bots speak to Guddob Zerver, an international expert on United Nations, WHO, Politics, Bitcoin, etc.

“UN is strong enough to protect Ukraine, if only Russia would agree not to Veto this action”

-Guddob Zerver,
International expert on United Nations, WHO, Politics & Bitcoin

“But who is the head of the UN Security Council? Can’t they say something?” asked the Blue Bonnet Bot. “No, the current Presidency of the UN Security council is with Russia!” he answered. “Then can UN do anything useful?” asked the Yellow Bonnet Bot. “Of course, the United Nations is such a robust body, it can achieve anything when it comes to protecting nations across the face of planet earth, unless someone Vetoes the actions. Theoretically, even powerful nations like US or China would not be able to threaten any country, if you keep aside the fact that they could veto such action. The Ukraine-Russian situation is no exception. This clearly shows how useful UN is, when it comes to showing nations without Veto power their true place,” concluded the expert.

At the time of going to press, more nations had put more sanctions on Russia. Although they didn’t have any direct practical effect, they massively succeeded in making sure that Russia felt bad theoretically.

Image credits: UN Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash

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