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Woman sues Hospital after husband given only 5 days to live is still not dead after two months

“I would not have pledged my insurance money so soon had the doctor not given me such an upside”, claimed Hapigo Luckeegul, a local Wordle trainer, while speaking to the Bonnet Bots. She is the wife of the husband who has failed to die in spite of the dire prediction of the hospital doctor. Below is an extract from her detailed conversation with the Bonnet Bots:

“So you are a Wordle trainer. But ‘Wordle’ is quite a recent phenomenon. What were you before that?”
“Oh, before that, I was waiting for my husband’s death. I mean I was trying to find a way to cut short his suffering. I was not working before that as the insurance money was going to be sufficient. At least if the doctor turned out to be right. I believed him.” (sobs profusely).

Hapigo Luckeegul explains her frustrations to the Bonnet Bots

“So you were wrong in believing his prediction?”
“No, I’m never wrong”
“But you wrongly believed the doc was right?”
“I’m sure the doc himself believed the prognosis, but he purposely changed the treatment later so that he could bill us for longer. You can’t extract money from a dead patient, can you?”
“But do you think he ‘purposely’ gave you the wrong prescriptions later on, to extend his life?”
Yes, I suspect he sabotaged the prescriptions when he came to know I drive a Lamborghini. Easy to tamper with prescriptions when the original one is written by you only.”
“But why would he do that?”
“So that he could charge me fees for a little longer. And in all this, my poor husband has to go on living instead of enjoying heaven.”

At the time of going to press, the hospital had sued the woman back, saying that she had not properly given the prescribed medicines to her husband, due to which the prognosis went wrong. They assured that the patient would have been long dead had she given him the ‘stuff’ mentioned in the prescriptions ‘on-time regularly’.

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