No other woman could have given Bill Gates what he REALLY wanted. What was it?

Bonnet Bots Untrue News Service

The Bonnet Bots spoke to a few humans to understand their reactions to the news of Bill Gates’ divorce. Their responses may possibly give useful insights to people who plan to become billionaire philanthropists with elaborate vaccine plans and a colourful past.

“What’s the point of marrying a rich guy if you don’t divorce him at all?” said Meanta Ghataspoti, a Divorce advocate and lawyer, while speaking to the Blue Bonnet Bot. “And I knew something would go wrong when Bill openly kept bragging about that scheduling program he wrote in school to be in classes with more girls. It was only a matter of time before Melinda found out” she concluded.

“The only woman who could have given Bill Gates what he wanted was Melinda Gates, if Divorce was all he wanted in the first place.

I.M. Fann, a Fan of Skype (formerly Lync, etc. etc.)

“I was told they fell in love in Microsoft’s Office. How can someone meet in that software suite, which I think has been renamed to Office365, right? My mom always told me that if I find a man online, the relation will always end in divorce. How right she was” said another insider, who writes error messages for a rival software maker.

“The only woman who could have given Bill Gates what he wanted was Melinda Gates, if Divorce was all he wanted in the first place. I think its not legal for anyone else to give him that” said I.M. Fann, an avid fan of Skype for Business (soon to be renamed as Microsoft Teams, and formerly known as Lync, which was formerly Office communicator, which by the way, formerly, was Windows Messenger, which was (phew!) once known as Live Communications Server!). Wait, what were we talking about? Yes, opinions of people about the Gates’ divorce. We have one last comment from one guy. ” Oh, thank God, finally I’m no longer jealous of Bill Gates. Anyway, now I can get back to focus on the customer, which by the way, is the only important thing”, said a billionaire founder who wished to remain anonymous.

Disclaimer: The above article is NOT real news. site1.bonnetbots.com is a satire and entertainment website. The news is untrue and may seem real only because of the strange fact that fact is stranger than fiction.

Image credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 This photo was taken by Kjetil Ree. © 2009 Kjetil Ree, some rights reserved. Bill and Melinda Gates during their visit to the Oslo Opera House in June 2009.

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