Hundreds face homelessness in JNU university after being unable to ‘fail exam to retain hostels’

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Permanent residents of JNU university were the latest in the line of people affected by the Pandemic. Several students here will no longer be able to retain their hostel rooms because they have lost the ability to ‘fail’ in the exams, given that exams are in the ambit of being ‘cancelled’. To add salt to the injury, this is only affecting the students who were loyal to the college for the longest duration of time…some have given decades of their adult lives to these subsidised hostels. Speaking to the Blue Bonnet Bot, an affected student claimed, “10-15 saal se humein hostel mein rehne ki aadat hai, ab hum suddenly kahaan sar ke upar chat dhoondne jaayenge?” (word-to-word translation by our AI robots: From 10-15 years we are having a hostel-staying habit, now suddenly where for a roof on our head-tops do we ‘searching’ go?)

“They will have to stay at their parents’ homes, but all will save Rs. 50 to 60 every month (almost 1 US$) on hostel rent, which will now enter the economy. Every small rupee matters”, said Kheluchand, a local PUBG expert, while speaking to the yellow Bonnet Bot. However, some disagree with Kheluchand. “It is incorrect to say that every small rupee matters, as there is no such thing as ‘small rupee’ or ‘big rupee’. All rupees are equal as per RBI guidelines”, said Rupiyali, the wife of a local monetary policy observer.

At the time of going to press, some local politicians had been approached to check whether anti-evacuation rules of ‘low-income housing’ can be somehow applied here to save them from their almost-free-housing status being grabbed away by the pandemic.

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