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‘What women want’ finally revealed using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bonnet Bots Untrue News Service

The question of what women want, has finally been answered, using the cutting edge tool of artificial intelligence, or AI. Nothing is impossible for AI, especially for the robots that did this research – the Bonnet Bots. These bots were built to study AI, but ended up giving insights into humans themselves.

Coming back to the important question, ‘What is it that women REALLY want?’. And the answer is…

Women just want to see their man off to work, leaving them finally alone, at ease at home!

Yes, its that simple! Women just want some time with themselves, especially after the excessive ‘home time’ received during the pandemic, forcing most of the men to be at home all the time. Some things are fine, like kids’ chores, office work, cooking, and laundry. And then, some more kids’ chores. But not men at home—they are better off at their office.

Women just want to see their man off to work, leaving them finally alone, at ease at home!

Bonnet Bots Untrue News Service


Yes, that’s it. Women are fed up with seeing their man at home all the time, interfering with things as minor as ‘how to wash the dishes’ to things as important as ‘how to disinfect that parcel’. Women were once fooled into believing that more ‘family time’ would be magical, but then the pandemic just wouldn’t end. And as humans often say, too much of anything is a problem. No wonder the divorce rate has spiked in the pandemic. Just a few interviews with humans gave away the clues to the Bonnet Bots, and they ended up creating history.

The question was earlier thought to be unanswerable, and so this development has rocked the scientific world, claimed highly placed unreliable sources. In fact, the entire branch of quantum computing was created just so that humanity could answer such unanswerable questions. But the answer was found without quantum computing, by the combined resources of the artificial intelligence of both the Bonnet Bots—the blue bot and the yellow bot. So far, these bots are the only example of ‘general’ artificial intelligence, for those who understand that sort of thing. (Clue: ‘General’ is actually the most advanced kind of AI, but human scientists love to play with our minds for some reason).

Some mens’ rights organizations have decided to protest against this answer, citing practical un-usability of the result. “It is supposed to answer the question for women who are still single, not for women who have already found their man. Else the very purpose of answering the question is lost”, stated Gaimmad Icted, a fulltime PUBG player who is unable to understand why he never meets any women in the real world. “This is as useless as answers given by most engineers—technically accurate but practically useless.”

At the time of going to press, Google, Microsoft, as well as IBM, had still not canceled funding for their respective quantum computing projects, even though a major question of humanity already seemed solved by AI itself. Their respective CEOs, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella as well as Arvind Krishna, were unavailable for comment. A person close to these CEOs, coincidentally all from one country, downplayed the advancement in AI, on conditions of anonymity. “They may have achieved general AI, but they have answered only a special case of the question, for women who already have found a match. A ‘general’ answer can only be found by quantum computing, with as much as 0.8% accuracy, given the level of complexity”, he boasted.

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