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Husband and wife argue about who is more dis-loyal after being accidentally matched up by ‘blind dating’ app

July 1st, 2020

A local married couple was confused about whether to fight or not, after running into each other on a blind date through matchmaking app ‘Finder—Find a person who could one day be your spouse’. Many users of this app are married people looking for a spark in their life. This couple never imagined that the Finder app’s ‘meet your spouse’ tagline would become a prophecy as they left their house allegedly to meet their (separate) friends for the evening. They blamed the app maker for the trouble caused in their marriage, and also for a ruined date-night.

The app maker denied any wrong-doing when questioned by the Bonnet Bots. “It is impossible for a husband and wife to have the SAME likings, especially after marriage, so at least one of them must have lied on their profile, which caused this match-up mishap”, their lawyer told the yellow Bonnet Bot.

The husband and wife (separately) sued Finder, alleging that the app company did not take ‘enough precaution to avoid scenarios where the blind date could turn out to be your spouse.’ The couple’s (separate) lawyers pointed out that the app’s tagline itself stated that one day the person could be their spouse, so there was obvious knowledge of the risk beforehand.

The Bonnet Bots examine the blind dating app that caused the controversy

The Finder app company’s management refused to pay the amount they were sued for. Their lawyer stated to the Blue Bonnet Bot that the couple did not follow the T&Cs of the app, which clearly mentioned in the 365th line that ‘the bill for any food, vegan or otherwise, consumed during the blind date, should be shared 50-50 by both the parties’. Given their failure to follow its rules, the company was not responsible for the fiasco, as the entire payment came from the same credit card account, he claimed.

The lawyer of the husband sued the app again stating that the credit card fiasco was caused by the ‘other party’ paying with an add-on card, which ultimately gets billed to his own card, thus proving that the other party was at fault. “The other party was paired by the app, and our client cannot take responsibility for errors of other people on its platform,” his lawyers clearly told the yellow Bonnet Bot.

At the time of going to press, the Finder app company had added a warning in the 10,397th line of its T&Cs that it will not be responsible if the app actually shows a match who is your spouse, and that the tagline is for marketing purposes only.

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