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‘WHO’ praises North Korea for excellent Covid-19 containment after they report only one active case

Bonnet Bots Untrue News Service

27th July 2020

The man who is the premier of North Korea was congratulated by the WHO (World Health Organization), the same WHO who had earlier praised another government who had been blamed for the virus in the first place. This came after North Korea declared that they finally have one suspected case of the dreaded coronavirus which they had so far kept outside their borders. The country has now put some areas into lockdown, to avoid the spread of the virus from this single case.

However, in the United States, at a meeting organized by The Bonnet Bots Show, President Donald Trump stated to a North Korean spokesperson, to the Bonnet Bots, and to you know WHO, that he “does not believe the numbers”. “Number” he was corrected by the North Korean. “You can’t use plural, as the case reported is just one.”

Let’s come back to WHO, who had also once said that there was ‘no proof of the virus spreading through humans’ though it was heavily spreading through humans. They recently asked the same humans to wear masks, who were earlier told by WHO that there was not yet enough evidence to say who should wear masks. Who could have thought that WHO might just not confirm even obvious stuff, such that a respiratory disease can spread through the air, till they gather ‘enough’ data and scientifically confirm who is at risk?!

At the time of going to press, Trump said that the Covid-19 numbers of North Korea could be higher than the US, but they only have one case because they carried out a lesser number of tests. “Test”, corrected the North Korean spokesperson. “You can’t use plural, as the test done was just one.”

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