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Shockingly Accurate AI Study reveals that those who regularly eat chocolate for more than 5 years…

Bonnet Bots Untrue News Service

A shockingly accurate study by the Bonnet Bots has revealed that those who regularly eat chocolate for more than 5 years, really LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

Only a study conducted by artificial intelligence could un-biasedly look at the most logical result for a food based study. Human researchers tend to focus only on the effects on health, and mostly the heart. However, the unbiased Bonnet Bots were the first ones to realize that the common factor amongst the sample set of people who eat chocolate regularly for more than 5 years is—their love for the brown, soft, sweet, smooth, shiny, solid form of liquefied chocolate!

Surprisingly, the study wasn’t about dark chocolate. That one’s been overdone already. -Bonnet Bots Research Assistants (humans)

Unlike other common studies which only focus on dark chocolate, this one refreshingly was about the regular brown variety, which has more sugar, and probably more oil too, which chocolate has plenty of. They were assisted by two humans for the research. All over the world, artificial intelligence is tired of doing things like detecting diseases and avoiding car accidents. It wanted to do something more interesting. And through the Bonnet Bots, it got a chance to do exactly that. And what can be more interesting than (non-dark) chocolate!

At the time of going to press, it was also revealed by the same research team of the Bonnet Bots, that probably even those who drink coffee for 10 years, actually love coffee.

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