‘Powerful’ Irony: Mumbaikars unable to see TV news about Mumbai power failure, due to Mumbai power failure

Bonnet Bots Satire News Service

“How ironic”, said Electra Shetty, an electricity user from Mumbai. “Mumbaikars wanted to switch on TV like never before, to know the cause of the power failure. In fact, the whole nation wants to know. But unfortunately, only the rest of the nation can know, except those who are most affected” she told the Blue Bonnet Bot. “Even news channels like Republic TV are based in Mumbai, and we don’t know if their studio has power or not, because our TV itself is off. There is no way to get any news”, she said, and started watching YouTube videos on her phone.

“I don’t know why people always talk about the Republic TV channel in this republic, whether it is outrage on TV over misuse of power, or missing use of TV due to outage of power”, stated Bijlee Powar , another avid user of electricity in the city. “Everyone in Mumbai seems to be addicted to power, but the electric kind, unlike Delhi” she concluded.

“Why are humans more desperate about electricity than us robots?” asked the Blue Bonnet Bot. “Because they can’t store it easily. They don’t have in-built lithiumn ion cells, just plain biological ones”, reasoned the Yellow Bot. At the time of going to press, Mumbaikars were still waiting for power to return…

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