Why no ‘step-motherly treatment’?

No, Kareena Kapoor has neither told Sara not to go for a vacation to the Maldives, nor has she told her not to party till late night. In fact, we haven’t got the slightest idea of what she speaks to her or how she treats her. But, as per most reliable sources confirmed by the Bonnet Bots themselves, she is the wife of Sara Ali Khan’s father, making Kareena Kapoor her actual stepmother. So by definition, all her treatment towards Sara Ali Khan is step-motherly treatment. That is just the definition of a stepmother! But then, can her treatment to Sara Ali Khan be called as Step-Motherly treatment? Well, this is a tricky matter which all our Artificial Intelligence couldn’t answer.

The Bonnet Bots spoke to a few people to know their views about this issue. “I don’t think she’s allowed to give her any ‘treatment’, because she’s not a doctor.  Just because there is a shortage of doctors due to Covid, it does not mean one should treat family members in spite of being a non-doctor”, said a local tattoo removal consultant. “Non-doctor!” said the Blue Bonnet Bot looking confused. “That’s right. She can’t give any treatment, whether step or un-stepmotherly,” she concluded.

“Not all step-moms are bad; this is just the case in fairy tales that we tell our children”, said Geddolla Fromme, a local toy doll stylist. “She might be slowly learning how to treat her step-by-step, as she has become her new mother suddenly after her marriage to Saif. I can completely understand if she is going in small ‘steps’ as a ‘mother’. Is that why it’s step-motherly?” Geddolla Fromme added.

At the time of going to press, a certain actress wanted to know from Saif if Sara’s real mother could be called his step-wife.

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