Prince Charles allegedly content to be King Of Edinburgh rather than waiting indefinitely to become the King of UK

Prince Charles thinking about something

Bonnet Bots Untrue News Service

Prince Charles has allegedly given up hope that he will get to be king of UK at least before his own death, so why not inherit the kingdom of the father, the Duke of Edinburgh, he has allegedly thought. “Let somebody else be King here, if that day ever comes”, he allegedly said to the Blue Bonnet Bot.

‘Half a loaf is better than no bread’, said a gift photo frame which arrived from California, USA, from an anonymous friend of the Royal family. Charles first ignored it, until he got one more with a slightly different message, saying ‘Half a kingdom is better than no throne’. He was still in doubt, but ultimately seems to have made up his mind after receiving 43 more photo frames with similar messages, all from the same anonymous US-based sender. He decided this is a sign from God to move on, as per our highly placed unreliable sources in Windsor town. “I will move to Edinburgh, inheriting from my other parent, and be King there, rather than be Prince here for eternity”, he allegedly told the Blue Bonnet Bot, who was in England at that time.

Image Credit: “Le prince Charles, Prince de Galles (Charles Philip Arthur George)” by COPPARIS2015 is marked under CC0 1.0. To view the terms, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/cc0/1.0/

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