Nitin Gadkari building roads like there is no tomorrow. What do people think?

People had all sorts of reactions to this news. “Nitinji may build like there is no tomorrow, but has he thought, what if tomorrow comes?” said Sanganaka Kholnaray, a local smartphone unlocking expert.

“Like all politicians, he too wants all development only for the country ruled by his own party”, said Padtihu Chotepanne, a local Tarot Card Reader. “He is only stealing credit from the MGNREGA workers who actually built them”, said Chatur Ideyawala, a Mutual Fund Naming Specialist.

The aim of this satirical topic in the news today is to attract Mr.Gadkari’s attention to this important open letter written to him. Please tag him and forward this message to your contacts, so that it can ultimately reach someone who can bring this to his notice…

The post we want to earnestly highlight is this. It is about Covid Vaccination Capacity Building.

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