PM Modi ensures India’s TikTok stars won’t starve after ban, at least till November

Ban on 59 apps of neighboring country blamed for unemployment amongst Indians with only TikTok talent

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India has banned 59 apps from its famous neighboring country, citing data security reasons. The list includes TikTok, the popular app where people can make viral videos, using unique talent (talent lies in the eyes of the TikToker).

TikTok stars make videos with humor, dance moves, etc. that are funny and often, challenging. Many TikTok users become influential with a large following and earn money through sponsorships and brand partnerships. However, with the TikTok ban taking effect in India, these ‘stars’ may no longer be able to earn money, and for many of them, this is the only source of income.

“Some of the TikTok stars don’t have any skill other than making TikTok videos. How will they fill their stomachs now?” questioned a disciplined TikTok fan, who strictly limits his TikTok use to less than 3 hours a day. He was talking to the blue Bonnet Bot who was investigating the repercussions of the Indian government’s decision. “That’s right, their unique skills can earn money only on TikTok” agreed Nareal Todoba, a coconut plucker, and an ardent TikTok connoisseur himself. “Can’t they earn elsewhere, using the same unique talents?” asked the naive Bonnet Bot, who does not use TikTok for entertainment. “Are you crazy? Do you think any other platform would actually PAY them for doing these things?” asked Nareal. As per research by the Bonnet Bots, around 7% of TikTok’s influencers had real talents, especially those who became famous in the real world and then came onto TikTok with their credibility proven. For the rest, there was uncertainty throughout the entire day following the announcement.

However, the very next evening, when the opposition questioned how the government could be so insensitive to TikTok stars’ needs, the Modi government immediately announced a package where free food-grains would be provided to 800 million Indian people, including unemployed ex-TikTok celebrities, till Nov 2020. Hence the question of them starving does not arise. Experts have lauded the PM for making the announcement, which they claim shows how much the PM cares about TikTok celebrities, among other people.

The Bonnet Bots spoke to another influencer named Airnab Joshwami, a reporter who does NOT depend on platforms like TikTok for his videos. He immediately praised his own decision taken sometime back, which he said was similar to the TikTok matter. “Anything can happen in this world, so you shouldn’t depend on other platforms for your videos, especially those starting with the letter T”. His videos earlier appeared on a channel called Times Later, but he identified the need for his own channel early on. “It is difficult in an authoritarian country, but it is always possible in a Republic,” he said. The yellow Bonnet Bot asked him, “But what do you think about the move to give free food”. “Oh, that’s a great move, but I don’t think the free food-grains till November were announced for the TikTok fans. The PM clearly had other people in mind when he announced this—he has better things to think about” Airnab concluded.

At the time of going to press, the opposition politicians, for the first time, used Airnab’s statement to prove that the PM’s announcement was general and not specific to TikTokers, which as per them, proved that the PM did not care for the unemployed stars of the country.

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