Cricketer regrets using AI on his birthday for selecting return gift for wife

Fiasco entails after ‘Ring’ chosen by Artificial Intelligence algorithm turns out to be a different kind than expected…

Famous Indian cricketer Kirat Vohli wanted to give the best possible return gift to his wife for his birthday, which even in 2020, is scheduled to be celebrated on 5th Nov itself, as done every year. As per the latest trend, he decided to use the predictive power of Artificial Intelligence to choose what would be best liked by his wife. And the gift turned out to be a ring, and his world did not crumble until the ring actually turned out to be a key ring!

Our very own Bonnet Bots, the cutest AI-based characters, were given the task by this cricketer, of analysing what would be the ‘best’ return gift. Copious amounts of data fed to the bots’ neural networks pointed to the fact that all girls love to get a ring as a gift, no matter what age, height, educational background, political inclination or social network inclination they have. So the bots chose to go ahead with analysing what was the best ‘ring’ for the specific scenario. After studying the relevancy, and ‘environmental factors’ that latest generation AI software is trained to factor in for, they chose a keyring in the shape of a cricket ball, so much relevant to the first couple of Indian cricket!

And so the Yellow Bonnet Bot turned up with a keyring for the important moment for the cricketer, and there was no diamond to be seen! There was something apt for a cricketer instead—a small cute hand-stitched cricket ball, the size smaller than a walnut, attached to a shiny ring! And made with the same red leather that adorns the real stuff in the field. The cricketer had mixed feelings on looking at it, which the artificial intelligence couldn’t immediately decipher. However, since cricket is so relevant to his life, the probability that he doesn’t like it is 0.037%, as per another Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

The silence was so long that the Bot decided to speak up.

Yellow bot :                  Why do you look worried?

Kirat Vohli :                 Well, what if she compares the gift with rings of her friends?

Yellow bot :                  Well, there is no comparison with respect to such in…

Kirat Vohli :                 What? Comparison with Sachin? Even here?

Yellow bot :                  Why? No, let me complete! I’m only saying there’s no comparison with                                          respect to such intimate gifts. What were you thinking?

Kirat Vohli :                 Oh, never mind. Its better if you leave soon. Iss ring ko dekh ke Meri Biwi                          Sharma toh jayegi…

At the time of going to press, the Bonnet Bots were still trying to measure the fallout of the event. It is not known how the people involved with the incident are faring currently. In the meanwhile, the Bots have extended their best wishes to the cricketer for his birthday, or whatever is left of it. As usual, the above story has been rigorously verified by our highly placed unreliable sources.

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