Entire Sports Budget Wasted on Sports

“Twitter is the proof. Everyone is congratulating Neeraj Chopra or some other Olympic medal winner, and in the same tweet, also mentioning the prime minister and the sports minister. These two are responsible for a waste bigger than any other government,” said Kreeda Wastekhupkar, an intellectual from Jugnutelaiya state in India. She was speaking to the Bonnet Bots, explaining some basic fundamentals that the country had got wrong recently. “Just in 7 years, they have splurged enough to get 7 medals in a single Olympics. Lakhs were spent on sports, while innumerable poor peoples’ leaders were left without a posh home just a few years or decades after their official position ended. I think they’ve just got their priorities wrong” she said. “Earlier governments have better used the sports budgets to enrich the poorest peoples’ political leaders,” she concluded.

“But what about the gold, silver and bronze medals that the country won?” asked the naive Bonnet Bot. “Ah, the medal system originated in the olden days of the Olympics when countries and athletes were enriched by medals of precious metals. But if you look at the current market prices of those metals, you will know that we could have got those quantities of metals in a fraction of the amount wasted by our government on ‘sports infrastructure’. That too without our poor athletes having to go through gruelling training they had to.”

The Bonnet Bots decided to investigate more into this, by speaking to a few more people. “Let’s speak to someone young, who may not be biased,” suggested the Blue Bonnet Bot. So the Yellow Bot interviewed a millennial. “It’s good that the PM has helped the athletes, and the tweets from athletes need not be trolled beyond an extent. But shouldn’t the PM spend time on his work, rather than on people who are just playing games or throwing sticks? The same PM never supported those who threw stones with the exact same pose. Double standards.” said Kabibi Khelinah, a local makeup removal consultant, while speaking to the Yellow Bonnet Bot.

She explained to him that she was a studious girl who never ‘wasted any time in playing games’ in her childhood. “India sent Neeraj for Gold medal in javelin only because he had congratulated Modi earlier for an election, and you can see the proof. Nobody in skateboarding had congratulated Modi, and you see, nobody was sent from India to win a medal for skateboarding, where even twelve or thirteen-year-olds have won medals. This is proof that something is definitely wrong” she concluded.

At the time of going to press, the opposition parties had blamed Modi for “purposely making the athletes win medals in order to divert attention from important topics of discussion which the opposition wanted to walkout for.”

Image credits: Cover Photo by Bryan Turner on Unsplash; Kabibi Photo by Cristyan Bohn from

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