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ISRO finally gets relief against fake ‘Chandrayaan 2’ images!

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A large number of Indians were simply refusing to accept the images released by ISRO on 4th Aug 2019, which show planet earth as captured by the probe launched by India, Chandrayaan 2, on its way to the moon. Days before ISRO, WhatsApp groups, which hold popular sway in India, had beat ISRO to its game by releasing images allegedly clicked by Chandrayaan 2, which went viral instantly.


After several months of arguments, a local court has ruled that only the images circulated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) should be treated as official earth/moon images and that the images circulated on WhatsApp were fake and should not be used to confuse gullible Indians into believing wrong stuff. Many people who ‘trusted’ WhatsApp for its news, had already accepted the earlier released pictures as the ‘real’ pictures, and anything that comes later, especially something that is less ‘sensational’, is difficult to digest.


Bonnet Bot Investigates



The Blue Bonnet Bot who investigated the case


‘Yes, I reject those pictures, as we have already seen better pictures on WhatsApp’ said Shubhash Chandchitre, who is an ardent WhatsApp user, like most Indians. He, however, trusts it beyond doubt, again like most Indians, and also like other homo sapiens found on this planet. The Blue Bonnet Bot questioned him, saying “Don’t you think the recent images by ISRO are real, and the ‘earlier ones’ are fake?


Shubhash quickly retorted, “Yes, I have heard that ISRO has released them, but if they haven’t yet come on WhatsApp, how am I to know they are real, or that they actually exist?”


Shubhash works as a form completer in the insurance sector (the people who fill those forms where you just sign in a hurry on the ‘crosses’ marked by the agent while signing up for important financial services, and the agents tell you ‘we will fill all your personal details looking at your documents later’). Shubhash found it hard to believe that a robot, with ‘artificial’ intelligence, had the guts to challenge his know-how, that too regarding WhatsApp, where he is the admin of more than 7 groups for the last 5+ years.


In Ghatkopar, a suburb of Mumbai, a man was found explaining to his mother how the images couldn’t be real, as the cloud size shown is simply impossible to be realistic, and is obviously photoshopped’.

She agreed with him immediately, to look ‘smart’, but later confessed to the Blue Bonnet Bot privately, saying that she knew her son was mistaken and that the WhatsApp pictures themselves were ‘original’.

“How does he conclude so easily that the images are Photoshopped? Is he such an expert to not only know that the images are modified but also to know which software they used to forge the images? His story somehow just doesn’t fit” she stated confidently.

How was it that she trusted WhatsApp forwards so blindly, Bonnet Bot had questioned her, to which she replied, “I don’t trust it blindly, I have verified it. During election results, we have all seen that Modi Ji was declared the winner on WhatsApp. In the real world, who is the winner who became PM? It is Modi Ji only, you can check it. Even the ‘Friendship day’ messages came on 4th Aug, and that itself was the friendship day. So WhatsApp was right, more than once, and hence I fully trust it”.

Bonnet Bot tried reasoning, saying “But just because it is proven right more than once, will you never verify other news?” “No” she retorted, “it is only because of WhatsApp that I know important things, such as the risks behind drinking Sprite along with Mentos, which can kill you. Now as per your advice, if I go to verify this claim, and drink Sprite with Mentos, who will be responsible if I actually die? No, it’s too big a risk. And someone else would have told me if it were untrue, but none of my friends have yet told me that they had Sprite with Mentos and did not die” she replied. “You think they would actually try it and tell you that they did not die after having Mentos with Sprite?” questioned Bonnet Bot. She retorted, “Yes, either that or well, they may not have been able to tell if they actually died after doing it…that’s right! That’s why none of us ever hear from others that Sprite and Mentos together are safe…because whoever tried it might already be dead!” With a horror look on her face, she continued “And you want me to verify it? You robot, you have no idea of the value of human life, and you dare question me about my WhatsApp beliefs?”

Bonnet Bot had to leave the location immediately to save himself from her wrath. She threatened to spread a message via her WhatsApp groups, alleging that Bonnet Bot insulted her and that he was foolish enough to think that she and innumerable WhatsApp users blindly forwarded messages that were illogical, fabricated and made up just to have a good laugh at the gullible ones. Bonnet Bot has independently verified from the internet, that Sprite and Mentos together cannot kill you. But putting Mentos into Sprite, or any aerated drink or soda for that matter, can create a fountain splurging out of your bottle, so just be careful while ‘verifying’ it!




The above article is NOT real news, and may seem real, only because of the strange fact that fact is stranger than fiction. is a satire and entertainment website, and the news is totally a work of fiction, except for some facts, such as those mentioned in sections ‘Did You Bonnet Know’ and ‘Bonnet Bots fail to understand’ or marked as #NotSatire.


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