Is CIBIL an Indian Government body?

Most people think CIBIL is a government body, which gives credit scores in India. But is it? No, its not a government body.

Of course, one would think, how else could they get all your information from all those banks and other financial institutions? Wrong. It is a commercial corporation. And it is not even Indian!

CIBIL is a part of TransUnion, which is an American multinational company. It is a credit bureau, that is, it collects and sells your credit information, from and to, financial corporations. But don’t worry, they have to follow rules. They are regulated. But, it is majorly owned by a US corporation because the FDI rules of RBI allow 100% FDI in credit rating. So, it is not a government body, and not an Indian one. #NotSatire. Bonnet Bot just wants you to know!

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