Film stars write open letter demanding ‘scheme’ for respectable exit from drug scandal to save industry colleagues

They have demanded a VDIS scheme (Voluntary Disclosure of Illegal Substances) to avoid industry from overcrowding the country’s jails

The national controller of drugs (NCD) has received open requests via tweets, protests and now an ‘open letter’ from 37 film stars, for introducing VDIS (Voluntary Disclosure of Illegal Substances) scheme for their beloved co-stars who are caught in the tangle of the ongoing investigation for drugs, within the Indian film industry. 

Ranvibeer Khanna, an actor-cum-tweeter, tweeted, “Police should spend time in more urgent tasks such as ensuring adherence to social distancing on crowded trains or implementing the ban on fireworks, rather than filling up jails with people from the film industry.” Vinod Kapoor, another actor-cum-social activist cum-tweetist, tweeted, “People should be willing to let go. It looks like even Trump might eventually concede and accept defeat in the election, but our drug investigators look like they will never let go. It is such stubborn attitudes that are responsible for the overcrowding of jails in our country. Now with film stars gathering there, even more people will want to be in jail to see them, compounding the problem’. 

At the time of going to press, some stars were convincing the opposition to demand legalization of all Bollywood-related drugs, in line with Marijuana legalization in many US states, as a last resort to saving their dear friends from the wrath of the investigators.

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