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Moral Code of Conduct: Politician ACTUALLY disqualified instead of just getting ‘Notice’

Party achieves feat that even Election Commision has seldom achieved!

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Local politician Miku Singh, was disqualified from participating in the local election for breaking the moral code of conduct. What’s more, as per ‘reports’, this is a proactive step taken by the party itself, and not by election officials. This is being viewed as a strict step, considering that even the election commission, only gives something called as ‘notice’ to all those who break the election code of conduct, and nobody knows what happens after that, as they all continue to participate in the election. However, things turned sour for Miku Singh.

While answering questions about his nomination from Panchkop, he was questioned by media about his candidature as it was highly speculated that the ticket wouldn’t go to him. He mistakenly answered with a short “Let’s see, I am the only qualified one”, while the expected, usual response should have been “whatever decision is made by the party, I will abide by it”, which he failed to say. The moral code which was broken, was not the one set by the election officials, but by the party itself, as was discovered only after the initial confusion had died down. This statement is not absolutely compulsory, as our archives show a full three instances where politicians had refused to use this sentence over the past year, across party lines. However, Miku Singh wasn’t as lucky as the past offenders.

Politician had mistakenly said “Let’s see” when asked about his nomination as a candidate, instead of the usual “whatever decision is made by the party, I will abide by it”

Tiku Singh, his fellow party member, seeking nomination from the same area, stated “In the party, we are all like brothers, and the high command is like our head of family, a fatherly or sometimes, motherly figure. We always listen to the head of the family. This is a norm that we brothers cannot break.” The yellow coloured Bonnet Bot asked him, “So you always listen to them?” To which he quipped, “Listening to them is another matter, which is not relevant here, but that statement is what really matters. It proves loyalty to the party, at least until the tickets are disbursed”.

When BB questioned him whether the party would now nominate him instead of the now-disgraced Miku Singh, he said, “Yes, absolutely. I am confident of getting a nomination, but of course, whatever decision is made by the party, I will abide by it.”

At press time, neither Miku nor Tiku had got the nomination. A third person, who had just defected to their party from the arch rival opposition party, was seen being chauffeured out from the local party office in his white Fortuner SUV, with nomination papers in hand. Our Bonnet Bot could not verify whether Miku and Tiku would “abide” by this decision of the party, as he was busy observing how the SUV was bouncing off the stones thrown at it by various factions of the same political party, who had earlier gathered there to show their support in abiding by its decision.

Disclaimer: The above article is NOT real news. site1.bonnetbots.com is a satire and entertainment website. The news is untrue, and may seem real only because of the strange non-fictional fact that fact is stranger than fiction.

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