Man lures girl into marriage by posing as rich guy by tinkering with car’s fuel tank indicator

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In the first known case of ‘full tank fraud’, a man was found to have used a tinkered fuel tank indicator to fake his ‘rich’ identity in order to get a bride. Extreme High fuel cost made a naive girl, Hasina Phasi,  believe that a man she was friendly with, was really rich. He had posted a photo of his ‘full’ fuel tank indicator on Instagram, which obviously meant he could afford very expensive stuff.

“I am not naïve. I had myself seen his fuel tank in person, because on Instagram you can Photoshop anything” said Hasina to the Yellow Bonnet Bot, who spoke to her about the incidence.  But in spite of the checks, it turned out that Hesaf Raudmanhi had managed to tamper with the mechanism of the fuel tank indicator, to show a ‘full tank’ even in these days of extreme high fuel costs. What’s more, he was also wearing  white Apple Air Pods in his ears, ‘which no one can afford, though some buy them anyway’ as per Hasina.

Hasina Phasi explaining her plight to the Yellow Bonnet Bot

Impressed by his wealth among other things, Hasina was about to marry Hesaf, and was about to use his Air Pods to call home with the good news. But the sound quality of the earphones wasn’t what she expected from something that costs you much more than a premium non-Apple phone, when she realised they were fake lookalikes. Then the truth struck her, and eventually things fell into place, one after another. No marriage can work if its foundation is fuelled by false indicators. “He’s a fraud man, Hesaf Radmanhi” concluded Hasina Phasi while cancelling the wedding.

At the time of going to press, an unconfirmed statement from Apple claimed that this was just one more case where an Apple device had ‘saved’ a person’s life. Also, Hesaf was being sued by a car rental company for returning a ‘tampered’ vehicle.

Image credits: Couple in car: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash ; Hasina Phasi image: Photo by Gokil on Unsplash

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