London authorities unhappy that the stabbing attacker died before completing jail term

“He deserved to complete his jail time instead of escaping with death; he would not be released into public this time at least till he completed his full 8 years behind bars” quoted an official. Also, he wouldn’t have been released without parole board inspection this time, the official assured London’s civilians”

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In the light of the recent stabbing attack on London bridge where two people were killed, and more injured, the Blue Bonnet Bot questioned a person from the relevant London authority. “Do you think there were major slippages in the way the attacker’s case was handled, in terms of quantity of punishment and his early release into the unsuspecting public?” he asked, to which the policeman looked bewildered. After being explained that Bonnet Bot was an Artificial Intelligence-based robotic experiment, built to understand human life, his surprised look faded a bit. Blue Bonnet Bot repeated his question.

No, stated the policeman. “In fact, prison was able to successfully reform the terrorist or at least the level of his killing ambition.

Before the arrest, he was planning to bomb the London Stock Exchange and maim hundreds, probably with nails and what not stuck into their brains and livers, which might have become a burden on the families of those who did not successfully die in the attack. But after his reform in jail and the subsequent parole, he only killed two people. Yes, two, and that’s lesser than the hundreds that he planned to kill or maim BEFORE the prison-induced reform. Who wouldn’t call that an improvement?” he demanded.

He was behind bars since 2012 for planning to bomb the London Stock Exchange, and build a jihadist terrorist camp in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and though the parole was to be given after an analysis by a parole board, he was released without any such scrutiny, in less than 7 years…whereas in India, this very day, one man has been jailed for 10 years for just planning to kill his wife. Bonnet Bot pointed this out to the official.

“Yes, lesser advanced countries are inhuman when it comes to punishments, compared to ‘developed’ countries such as ours. After all, to know the advancement of a country, you should see how they treat their prisoners. Haven’t you heard that one?” added the official, trying to look intelligent.

As an afterthought, he added, “We too aren’t too lenient on terror, and in fact, feel that this man deserved to be jailed instead of escaping with death; he would not be released into public this time at least till he completed his full 8 years behind bars”. He then looked at the people gathered around him. “He wouldn’t have been released without parole board inspection this time” he assured them. They instantly felt safe for the first time since this incident had come to light.

“So you don’t accept any of the criticisms on how you have handled terrorist criminals, or rather not handled them?” asked the Bonnet Bot.

He replied, “Well, London is a largely terrorism-free country, so we do not have experience in dealing much with terrorists, so whatever we manage to handle in spite of this, should be looked upon as praiseworthy. Though I think we can learn a bit from countries where terrorism is more rampant, as they have more experience in doing such stuff…”

At the time of going to Press, London had indirectly acknowledged its inability to handle terrorists well, by inviting consultants from the government of Pakistan to learn how to respectfully handle its terrorism-linked prison members.

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