Realistic Camera Lens Coffee Mug for photography lovers


Amuse every heart with this DSLR camera lens travel mug. This trendy mug’s design is enough to convince you to buy one for your loved ones. Get it now!
Designed in the shape and form of a DSLR camera lens, this is also a stylish addition to your kitchen and dining decor. The attention to detail in this mug is stunning. Food-grade ABS plastic keeps your hands cool from hot liquids.
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1. Models currently in stock have only one lid, though more lids might be shown in the photographs.
2. This cup can be used for drinking, but not for storing liquids in your bags while traveling, as the lid has a sipper opening, and hence is NOT leakproof.
3. Be careful while sipping hot stuff as the insulation makes you unaware of how hot your drink is. Do not serve hot drinks to kids as they may be unable to judge the drink’s temperature, and thus risk burning themselves. It is like drinking from a hot thermos without knowing the temperature of the contents.
Country of Origin : China

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Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug Flask With Lid

A thing of beauty for camera-geeks! This multi-purpose camera lens mug can be used as a cup, a money box, or a pen holder. An inventive way to enjoy your morning coffee -this is the perfect gift for any photography fanatic.
Fill it with your beverage of choice and take a big swig. It includes a lid with a slide-to-open top that keeps your drink hot. It looks unbelievably realistic. If you have friends or family members who are interested in photography and enjoy chugging on their beverages, this camera lens coffee mug is the perfect gift for them.

Or else, just buy it to treat yourself! But be careful while sipping hot stuff as the insulation makes you unaware of how hot your drink is.



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